We at Sharon Hope United Church will extend our Christian hospitality to perform a marriage ceremony for any 2 people who in loving fidelity with each other desire to express their commitment in the presence of God and in a Christian ceremony consistent with the tradition and faith understanding of the United Church of Canada.

Our Sanctuary was built in 1987 as a replica of the Sharon Temple with its high ceiling and many windows.

Recognizing that the marriage is more than the wedding, in addition to officiating the ceremony, Rev Sadekie provides pre-marital counseling to couples to help them prepare for a long and healthy marriage. She conducts couples counseling using a 4 – 7-session model covering topics and issues that affect marital relations such as:

Marriage Quotes | Best Marriage Quotes To Inspire And ...(1) family origins,

(2) communication training,

(3) problem and conflict resolution,

(4) understanding and expressing affection,

(5) money and vocational expectations,

(6) sexual relationship and children planning and;

(7) spiritual relationship (if the couple is spiritually oriented)

Premarital counselling will improve the quality of your relationship with your partner, deepen your intimacy and equip you to effectively problem solve relational problems that come with marriage.

Please get in touch with the office to arrange a tour and check our Event Calendar for availability.  For more details, visit RENTALS.