The congregation has history more than a century old. The first records of the Sharon Methodist Church were written in the 1850’s when services were held in a small church about half a mile north of Sharon. In 1867, the church purchased land in Sharon on Leslie Street. The Sharon Methodists were part of the Holland Landing charge and later the Mount Albert charge before joining with Queensville in 1883. In 1885 the Hope Church joined with Sharon and Queensville Methodist to form a three point charge. The churches joined the church union in 1925 to become part of The United Church of Canada. This 3 point charge continued until 1954. At that time Hope Church amalgamated with the Sharon Church. The congregation continued to grow and the church building became overcrowded. In 1982 it was decided to work toward the establishment of a new building on 2.16 acres south of the church on Leslie Street. Based on the history of the area, an architectural design was selected to reflect the Quaker heritage of the Children of Peace. We are proud of the similarities between our building and the Sharon Temple. On December 6, 1987 the Sharon-Hope congregation met in great celebration for the dedicating and opening of their new home, an attractive, modern, and fully accessible facility.

As the congregations of both Queensville and Sharon-Hope continued to grow throughout the 1990’s, the decision was made to become single point charges. In 2006, Sharon-Hope hired its first full time Minister. The year 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Sharon-Hope United Church! If you are looking for a faith community, come join us as we journey together in faith.

History of Sharon-Hope United Church starting in 1805

  • Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Rider serves “Hope” (changed to Davidtown in the 1830’s and to “Sharon” in 1840
  • A Methodist Chapel is built just north of Sharon (Shelby Burying Ground)
  • The Methodist Church relocated in the Temperance Hall (now beside Sharon Temple)
  • Sharon joins the Holland Landing – Hope circuit
  • 1866 Sharon joins the Mount Albert circuit
  • Previous church building is constructed (now a Daycare on Leslie Street) on land donated by Judah Lundy
  • Sharon is joined with Queensville
  • Sharon is rejoined with Holland Landing and Hope
  • United Church Union – Sharon is joined with Hope and Queensville (effective June 1926)
  • Hope Church is closed (intersection of Herald Road and Warden)
  • Sharon-Hope church opens on the first Sunday of December and on the 120th Anniversary of Sharon-Hope
  • Sharon-Hope and Queensville both become single point charges

Sharon Church prior to 1954

Hope Church prior to 1954

Sharon-Hope Church 1954-1987

Sharon-Hope Church 1988-today

Mtinisters who have served Sharon-Hope

The Rev. Andrew Edwards
The Rev. George T. Richardson
The Rev. Thomas Hanna
The Rev. Alex Drennan
The Rev. Wm. J. Hewitt
The Rev. Christopher Hamilton
The Rev. Wm. Irwin
The Rev. Andrew Armstrong
The Rev. David Cattanach
The Rev. George Bishop
The Rev. J.E. Allen
The Rev. Frank Keam
The Rev. John Lynch
The Rev. N. Wellwood
The Rev. G.S. Hunt
The Rev. W.F. Ferrier
The Rev. Thomas Leonard
The Rev. Hugh Brown
The Rev. Douglas Simpson
The Rev. Herbert Partridge
The Rev. R.S. Fralick
The Rev. Archibald McNeill
The Rev. Thomas Scott
The Rev. H.W. Kemp
The Rev. Herbert Lovering
The Rev. Frank Dunlop
The Rev. David Porter
The Rev. A.M. Partridge
The Rev. Wm. Conning
The Rev. W.F. Madden
The Rev. Hugh Shannon
The Rev. Albert Millan
The Rev. Eric Warren
The Rev. Walter Fosberry
The Rev. R.J. (Bob) McNaught
The Rev. Ralph Garbe
The Rev. Dean Salter
The Rev. Lawrence Lewis
The Rev. Dick Prince
Sandra MacDonald
Carol Kilby
The Rev. Des McCalmott
The Rev. Leslie Clare
Cheri De Novo
The Rev. David Zub
The Rev. Ken MacDonald
The Rev. David Lander
The Rev. Cecil Tiller
The Rev. Philip Rodgers
The Rev. Kathi Phillips
The Rev. Leslie Sedore
The Rev. Linda Butler

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